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Ocean City Md Tax Revenues Falling! Budget Crisis in Ocean City MD ?

Do not shoot the messenger please! .. These are my humble opinions.




Over the past 5 – 6  - 7 years the property taxes had increased SUBSTANTIALLY in Ocean City Md ..  As the real estate bubble headed for THE CEILING ..  tax assessments increased and property owners were hit with large tax increases, to which the WINDFALL went to the “CITY AND COUNTY” .   guess what?  THEY SPENT THE WINDFALL ..  I surmise a large portion of this ” expenditure ”  as a percentage of total went for significant pay and benefits.

SIGNIFICANT PAY AND BENEFITS increases for City Employees ..  The then town council . with a liberal majority ..  granted this significant hike in pay and benefits, and continued to spend the surplus .   OH NO ! ..  now ..  Ocean City MD has just gotten a 2nd decrease in anticipated revenues from Property Taxes ..  and OUCH ..  some of these previous expendures are not of the type that can be undone .. they go on and keep increasing ..  ” benefits, pay rates, etc.. ”  Our City Employees do a GREAT JOB .. don’t get me wrong .. but they got the candy .. the taxpayers got the bitter end ..  and I even surmise that the pay scales they now benefit from  are  grossly out of wack with what normally would be fair compensation in this city..  given the economics, etc..

Ocean City Md Budget TimeNOW ..  it’s necessary  to CUT THE BUDGET .. significantly , and  yes, everyone knows this .  There is going to be pain on that end , but i want to suggest that it’s NOT fair to even CONSIDER raising the property tax rates. The reductions should come from within the existing expenses of the city, and not from increasing property tax rates.  To increase property taxes would then add salt to the wounds already rendered to property owners and hurt HOMEOWNERS, BUSINESS PROPERTY OWNERS,  BUSINESS OWNERS PERIOD (who rent these properties)  .   It would also hurt FUTURE REAL ESTATE SALES, as the real estate taxes have been and continue to be a burden and constraint for 2nd home owner purchasers to consider purchasing a beach condo .



Ocean City MD Payroll Graph 2011

The most recent Annual Report for wages – Ocean City Md was recently published here on the ” Ocean City Today ” newspaper.  This graph TELLS THE TALE ..  I believe i see some 20 MILLION in payroll increases from the year 2000 to 2008 (when the real estate  boom went bust)

Thank Goodness .. our present OCEAN  City, Md Town Council ..the majority are now on the fiscally conservative side, and they ACTUALLY DO REPRESENT THE TAXPAYERS,  and not the ” VOTERS”, so let us hope they are THANKED and are  re-elected .  As we all know, there are now less than 7,000 registered property owners who can vote ..  those with 2nd homes who have primary voting district elsewhere HAVE NO VOICE ???

Your Comments are Welcome !


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Hurricane Irene gives Ocean City Md a peck on the cheek !

Nasa Satellite Image of Hurricane Irene Aug 27, 2011Hurricane Irene made her way up the Atlantic Coast on Saturday, the 27th day of August, 2011.  We all watched as she made landfall in North Carolina. The preparations for her arrival had already begun in Ocean City Md as all J1 Visa workers had been evacuated on the 25th day of August. Vacationers (visitors) were mandated to evacuate by noon on Friday the 26th. Property owners were under mandatory evacuation orders by 5 PM on Friday the 26th of August.

The drama begins to unfold as we ponder what is going to happen here in Ocean City Md when Hurricane Irene visits our coastal communities. Everyone I know is seeking out their options as to departing, when, where, or not!  Is it better to stay and know what is happening and prepare for the worst here or leave and worry about what we would find when we returned ?




Beer Butt Cornish Hen Ocean City MDI personally was busy with work tasks on the 25th, and Friday was my day to prepare for departure.  I did manage to BBQ thursday evening 2 Cornish Hens which I had previously taken out of the freezer and feared they would spoil if i did not cook them. My choice was to bbq them as ” beer butt chicken style” ..

They were delicious and served as dinner meals for 2 nights easily for myself and interns here.


On Friday, there were many tasks for me to accomplish – Tape up a few Easterly facing windows, lower the umbrellas on 4 picnic type tables in the yard and on decks. Tie up exterior chairs in the yard and on the decks, and otherwise pack away anything else external which could possibly blow in the wind. By 3 PM I found myself mowing the lawn, so that we would look our best for Irene. I waivered between evacuating and staying here in North Ocean City MD ..  After observing off and on the disorganized hurricane make it’s way up the coast, and suspecting that the Category 2 would become a category 1 or less by the time it made it’s way to Ocean City Md., I turned down offers to evacuate inland and decided it’s best to stay put about 4 blocks off the beach here in Ocean City MD ..   The police department had already been through the area to find out if anyone was remaining. I suggested to them we would probably evacuate the next day around 12 noon. As it turned out, we stayed in Ocean City MD as winds were not the category 2 but reduced to category 1 or less.



Hurricane Irene PathSaturday the 27th, the day began with intermittent rain maybe at 9 AM .. and through out the day it rained. The stronger winds found their way to our shores around 5 PM and continued throughout the night.  During my monitoring of the wind and rain in Ocean City Md , there must have been almost 8 inches of rain (there were hours during this day when over 1 inch fell per hour)  during the day and wind speeds varied – actually fluctuated wildly between 20 MPH and 50 MPH ..  the highest wind gust i saw before midnight was 53 miles per hour.  (from a wx data center at 127th ST – maybe 50 yards from the beach in Ocean City MD) .




Wind and Rain Wx Status, Hurricane Irene, Sat Aug 27, 2011I woke up off and on through the night and found similar wind speed and actually the heavy rainfall slowed down dramatically before 5 AM Sunday.  I slept again and anxiously awaited daylight hours. After daylight, I planned to visit the beach as soon as the wind subsided, as there were still gusts of 40 MPH outside. We finally drove over to the beach front at 1 PM and to my amazement, the dunes and dune grasses were still intact. Beach Cross overs were hardly touched and it was then that I realized that there was not much of a wind impact on our shores. We did enjoy many inches of rain, but typically here it ends up in the bay situated to our west and finds it’s way eventually out into the ocean. We enjoyed 100% electricity uptime during the entire 2 days. Our neighbors to the west didn’t fare so well, with flooding and electrical outages inland Maryland and Delaware. Creeks and streams flooded, and there were many regions with electricity outages lasting 24 hours or so.


The Ocean City MD Beach, August 28th, Sunday Mid Day .. Ocean City MDThe weather forecast now looks great for the remainder of the week. The sky is clear blue, temperatures are PERFECT .. highs of 80 and lows of 65 or so .. with gentle breezes ..  Now is the time to get to the beach and enjoy our beautiful last days of August and the entire month of Sept and most of October’s wonderful weather At The Beach in Ocean City MD ..




It’s time to GO FISHING At The Beach Ocean City MD or Fenwick to Lewes DE  ..  At The Beach or just plant a beach chair in the sand and enjoy the fresh salt water fresh air, sunshine and gentle breezes..

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Fresh From the Farm – Ocean City MD Farmers Market

Saturday – July 9th, 2011 – Farmer’s Market at the corner of 142nd St and Coastal Hwy was flourishing with a variety of local Farmer’s who arrived with truck loads of fresh produce from the fields. Business was brisk as the locals and vacationers alike found the offerings irresistible! There was a plenty of corn, tomato, squash, cucumbers, melon, and more.


Farmers Market Corn Ocean City MDThe market is in Ocean City Md 4 days a week now, during the summer peak months. Rain the past few weeks has provided the area with a bounty of crops. You CANNOT find anything better than FRESH corn on the cob to go with your BBQ chicken during the summer months.

Organic Produce Ocean City MDThe Organic Man was there with his offerings! His Assistant, a young student from China who is working in Ocean City MD for the summer provided some excellent conversation and cheer to the stand! It was a perfect day to wander around between the various farm stands and relish all the variety and quality of the vegetable offerings!

Pauls Nursery floral, herb and vegetable plants.Of course, Paul ( A & W Farms, Annuals, Perrenials and Cut Flowers), Parsonburg, MD …  was there with his generous offerings of local floral annuals, perennials and herbs. He also offers free farm eggs at $3 a dozen. I often end up bringing another of his annual plants home as I can’t resist adding color enhancer to the deck or backyard. He also brings a nice selection of vegetable plants, including cucumber, tomato, squash, etc..

Wimbrow Farm Stand, Ocean City MD Farmers MarketEvery stand was busy during the 20 or so minutes i was at the market. Some of the local restaurants also make their bulk purchases here to put the freshest veggies on the plates of their customers during the weekend. I found the Wimbrow Farms stand with a plenty of everything. As usual, on this day i found a dozen ears of corn, some squash, yellow banana peppers to my liking and loaded my goods in the trunk of my car to deliver to the house.

One will find the Ocean City MD Farmers Market open 4 days a week now for the next 2 months, as they open Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM ..

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view from rooftop of Quality Inn Hotel, Ocean City MDOur group At The Beach Enterprises spent 3 days from Friday, June 10th to Sunday, June 12th at the Ocean City Maryland 2011 Air show. As you can see from the aerial view of the boardwalk, this years OC Air show event had quite a large turnout. Our day started with a 10 am bus ride from our office on 142 street to 16th street where the air show took place, the ride took approximately 30 minutes. The show went from 12pm to 4 pm and most of the attractions took place on Saturday, where  over 18 performers wowed the crowds.


The show started with a performance by the  U.S Army 101st Airborne parachute act and introduction of the United States Flag  followed by a a commencement of the National Anthem.  There were several spectacular performers this year including the newest attractions by the B-2 Stealth Bomber, the F-18 Super Hornet, and A-10 Warthog Demo Team.  Our media pass offered us VIP access to the 10th floor of the Quality Inn, which gave us a direct view of show center. I found the access to be very worth while, and the perks worth the price of admission. With VIP access you literally get the best view in town just below the Air show command center .

Some of my personal favorite attractions consisted of Chuck Aaron-The Redbull Helicopter, and the C-17 Globemaster III. Chuck Aaron is the only civilian pilot ever to be licensed to perform helicopter aerobatics in the United States. I found his aerobatic stunts very thrilling, and performance not a show worth missing. Seeing his helicopter aerobatic skills at work could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and his performance should not be overlooked.My second spectacle of the afternoon was the enormous Boeing  C-17 Globemaster III. The C-17 Globemaster is a large military transport aircraft,  whose huge frame seemed to be a show stopping event . Seeing such a large aircraft fly past me was quite an encounter.


Overall the day was full of entertainment, from the spectators  on the boardwalk , to the 2011 Ocean City, Md Air Show itself. Although I do have some basic cautionary advice when planning on attending the Air Show. Make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen, bring a hat, and sunglasses (which I believe you will find of the most vital importance when staring directly in the sky, and frankly bright sun). Also I would advise riding the bus  there since it will aid in a quick get away, rather then waiting in the what felt like hours of traffic after the show’s  finale.

I aslo recommend stopping by the supporting vendors’  booths including BB&T Bank, Trident Aircraft, and the U.S Army. The vendors offer free refreshments, gifts, and helpful information.

The complete photo and video archive of photos and videos taken during the Ocean City MD 2011 Airshow.

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Furnace Town Living Heritage Museum, Snow Hill, MD

Furnace Town, a short drive from Ocean City MdVacationers to Ocean City MD

Another ” side trip which is almost free ” adventure day trip for you and your family!  Recently I had made a trip to Snow Hill, MD to meet with clients. Having about 1 hour of spare time between appointments, we ventured just outside of Snow Hill MD to visit ” Furnace Town ” .  I had never bothered to visit this preserve over many previous years. Having some time, I wondered JUST what was there? From the Inlet area in Ocean City Md – the drive is approximately 40 minutes to manage the 38 or so mile drive. Pack a cooler with beverages and sandwiches for the trip and you will surely find a convenient side stop area to enjoy a picnic lunch during the day trip.

I was amazed to discover this treasure trove of history on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.Furnace Town Main Entrance, Berlin MD Furnace Town is full of history and offers a pleasant trail to walk along to view the displays and preservation of  a variety of American History Culture. At the right is a photo of the main entrance entering from the parking lot area. Parking is plentiful and of course FREE.  Once inside we were greeted by friendly staff in the museum’s gift shop area. The gift shop featured many souvenirs and home made items. Donations for entrance to the park area are welcome and the entrance fee is nominal. Visit the Furnace Town Web Site for entry fee information.

Furnace Town, Berlin MD walkway to view the furnace in close detail.We ventured out into the park area. A circular walk around on wooden platform was comfortable and along the path are various historic stops of interest usually in an out building.  One of the initial view is of the Furnace Town Furnace and description of it’s uses and history.  It features a long walkway up to the top of the furnace.


All in all we toured the grounds for about 1 hour and enjoyed the relaxing walk through the town. The Exhibits were interesting to learn about how our forefathers met with their daily lives before the advent of the automobile and paved roads. This surely makes for a GREAT daytrip for grade school children and we saw plenty of that going on with many school children classes coming for a visit.  Vacationers in Ocean City MD would find this a great off the beach treat for young school age children – cloudy no beach day kinda stuff. and very inexpensive. Bring a cooler with lunch and beverage snacks for the day, and you will find a nice park area by the Pocomoke River just adjacent to the County County Jail facility. Off of Bay Street, you will see signs pointing to STURGIS PARK in Snow Hill MD.  Snow Hill MD is about a 40 minute drive from Ocean City MD. A google map shows the way to Snow Hill MD from Ocean City MD  .

Furnace Town is the host and co-sponsor of the 1st ANNUAL Iron Fifty – a 50 mile FUN RIDE through the back scenic roads of  Snow Hill Md and the Eastern Shore. The date of the cycling event is Sept 17, 2011. READ ALL ABOUT IT on the Furnace Town Cycling Event web site at www.IronFurnacefifty.org
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